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B&V Celebrates International Women’s Day

By Lara Hale
March 8, 2017

Today’s “A Day Without a Woman” campaign for International Women’s Day is highlighting the crucial roles women play in their homes, communities, governments, and economies around the world by demonstrating how all would be affected in their absence. Women make up almost half of the team (11 of 24) here at Board & Vellum, so it’s safe to say, work would all but grind to a halt without them.

Women are represented equally here not only in our current headcount, but in our office culture and policies. In fact, we’re all equals here. We operate a relatively flat organizational structure: all technical staff have the title “project associate” because we believe in working together to lift up all of our coworkers, rather than working to promote only a few. The firm’s collaborative environment — all associates both lead their own projects and act as support leads on other projects — further ensures that everyone’s input and opinions are recognized and valued.

All our team members enjoy flexible working hours, allowing both moms and dads to tailor their schedules so they can be there for important events like doctor appointments, dance recitals, and soccer practice, or simply the wish to spend more time at home in general. In addition to generous vacation allowances (four paid weeks for everyone), B&V also offers paid parental leave, allowing all employees (male and female) up to 12 weeks of paid time off for the birth or care of a child. Employees also receive full healthcare benefits at no cost, with current coverage providing maternity care covered in full or at 80 percent (depending on the services).

Today gives us at Board & Vellum great cause to appreciate how lucky we are. But also to reflect on the idea that being valued as equals and given the support we need to live happy, healthy lives both in and out of the office, should not be a matter of luck, but a matter of course.

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