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What Type of Dining Room Table Do You Need?

By Marissa Lada
September 7, 2017

At Board & Vellum, you’ll often hear us saying how we’re your advocate for design. So what does that mean? We are designers and architects that believe your home should reflect your lifestyle, not ours. If you love mid-century modern, we’re not going to design a space for you that is Cape Cod-inspired. You're the one that will live there, and we want you to love your space. But, there's more than that! Not only is the look and aesthetic something we take into consideration when designing, but also the use of your space.

Dining rooms are one area of your home that may often seem like an easy design fix. It’s just tables and chairs, right? Wrong! Dining tables are just as personal of a choice as the rest of your furniture selections. You wouldn’t invest in a table that fits twelve if it’s just you and your partner eating there and you don’t host much. (Well, I hope not, at least, since it might not be the best option for your way of living.)

In order to find the right dining table for your space, it’s beneficial to evaluate not only the size of your space, but your lifestyle, as well. Are you someone who lives in a quaint 800 square foot one-story abode who enjoys hosting? Or, are you someone who lives in a three-story condo that prefers grab-and-go meals? Taking the time to reflect on these questions can really aid in what table would best suit your needs.

Here are four possible scenarios and the appropriate table for each situation.

Tight Space = Round Table

Dining Room Table: What type to you need? – Board & Vellum

A round table is perfect for small spaces and maximizing how many people you can fit. Without the hassle of corners, you can squeeze in those two or three extra people that you may not have been able to before. A tip for round tables: get one with a pedestal base so you can actually push the chairs in!

Hosting = Table with Leaf

Dining Room Table: What type to you need? – Board & Vellum

If you’re the type of person who loves entertaining, a rectangular table with a leaf extension is a practical table option for you. Keep it cozy and intimate when it’s just you and your family, then add the extension leaf when it comes time to host. The long table is perfect for displaying centerpieces and dishes while still giving everyone enough room to eat.

Informal Eaters = Kitchen Island

Dining Room Table: What type to you need? – Board & Vellum

Do you find yourself just eating wherever there is a place to set down your plate? If you’re not a big “sit-down” dining person, using a kitchen island or peninsula for your eating area is a casual – yet more practical – way of informally eating, rather than using your coffee table. Add some fun bar stools and a vase or two to differentiate this space as an eating area.

House of Children = Banquet Seating

Dining Room Table: What type to you need? – Board & Vellum

Having children usually means messes and clutter, but with banquet seating, you can avoid both (at least in your eating area). Banquet seating allows for more people to gather around the table, simply because there aren't chairs taking up space. Since it is built-in to your space, it also means you can design it to suit your needs. For children, having a vinyl fabric makes spills a breeze to wipe down and clean up. In addition, you can take advantage of storage options underneath the seats, perfect for hiding crayons, glitter, or other craft supplies.

So that's it! Remodeling or redecorating can be a big endeavor. If you're jumping into a project, take the extra time to put some thought towards what dining room table is right for you and your family. You'll be glad you did!

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