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Bold & Colorful Exterior Paint for Your Craftsman House – Board & Vellum

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Bold & Colorful Exterior Paint for Your Craftsman House

Thinking about painting your house? Considering going with something other than a neutral shade? There are a ton of great colors out there for you to choose from, but it can be hard to know where to start. Here are some ideas to get you thinking about different families of colors you might choose.

May 31, 2019

The world is more colorful than beige!

Why paint? Besides basic upkeep: curb appeal! These days, it’s not that unusual for a Craftsman home in Seattle to be worth $1,000,000, so why not make it feel like it’s worth that amount of money. Plus, don’t you want to have the swankiest house on the block? With all the foot traffic that Seattlites get, your house is bound to be a stopping point for all those walkers.

But where do you even start when thinking about colors? As an interior designer, I spend plenty of time thinking about paint colors, and guess what, that applies just as well to the exterior of a home as it does for the interior.

Here are some thoughts about color families you might want to consider.


A Pacific Northwest classic, I've seen many blue houses. Blue is a great color for a Craftsman in Seattle. From a cornflower blue to a deep navy, blue complements the grey weather and doesn't look out of place in our climate.

Bold & Colorful Exterior Paint for Your Craftsman House – Board & Vellum

Accented with white trim or cedar, they make for a statement house on the street. As an added bonus, if you have any Japanese Maples or (other fall trees), they are a beautiful contrast for these trees when fall comes. Some beautiful blues are Sherwin Williams Smoky Blue (SW 7604) or Benjamin Moore’s Labrador Blue (CC-740).


Purple may seem like an odd color to paint a house, but it can turn out looking lovely. The trick is to choose a more muted purple with hints of grey, such as Sherwin Williams Mystical (SW 6276), or Benjamin Moore’s Heather Field (CC-970).

Bold & Colorful Exterior Paint for Your Craftsman House – Board & Vellum

Other details to make this color pop are to accent it with white trim and a dark espresso stained wood. For a finishing touch, add some lavender plants in your landscape to contribute to the purple theme.


Seattle is called the “Emerald City” for how green it remains year-round. So, with it being so green here, the trick with painting your home green is to choose a green that stands out among the trees.

Bold & Colorful Exterior Paint for Your Craftsman House – Board & Vellum

A vivid green is sure to pop against the evergreens. You almost want to look for that emerald color, such as Sherwin Williams Julep (SW 6746), or Benjamin Moore’s Island Getaway (CC 593). Accent these colors with some white (or black) trim for a high contrast look.


Yellow is a bright and happy color that adds some warmth and joy during those drab winter months. Go for a more muted yellow, such as Sherwin Williams Gambol Gold (SW 6690), or Benjamin Moore’s Yellow Brick Road (CC 349).

Bold & Colorful Exterior Paint for Your Craftsman House – Board & Vellum

Are you daring to be sophisticated and bold? Try it with black trim for a vivid contrast that will stay perky even during those gloomy winter days.


Orange is a wonderful contrasting color for the Seattle skies. Pick a dark orange, such as Sherwin Williams Harvest Gold (SW 2858), or Benjamin Moore's Orange Appeal (CC 124) for a sophisticated, yet cheerful look.

Bold & Colorful Exterior Paint for Your Craftsman House – Board & Vellum

Oranges will also contrast well with evergreen trees and shrubs, but keep it in mind that if you have only deciduous trees around your home, you might want to avoid everything being too similar in color when those leaves change!

Now what?

There are so many fun colors to choose from! You could almost say you have a rainbow of options (ha). That being said, if exterior paint color is something you are interested in, but don’t know where to start, we here at Board & Vellum are always happy to assist in helping you find the perfect color for your house or space. Whether we are talking interiors or exteriors, we have teams to help!

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