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Is Custom Furniture or Wallpaper Worth It?

Is custom furniture or other custom interiors items, like wallpaper or art, worth it? We think so! And, the price of these items is really not as scary as you think, sometimes, it’s even less than the pieces from large manufacturers, and with better quality. Here are some basics on custom furniture and more.

October 4, 2018

Customization doesn’t end with architecture.

Here at Board & Vellum, we are known for tailoring our architecture to suit our clients’ lifestyles. This shows through in our custom floor plans for remodels, additions, or new construction, in our material selections, and in custom details such as built-ins. Plus, we make a point of developing creative uses for otherwise-wasted space.

But, this doesn’t end at architecture! In our interiors studio, we love exploring the world of customization and how it can bleed into the non-architectural elements of a home, right down to those finishing touches. This can come in many forms: anywhere from custom furniture to custom wallpaper or art. And, yes, it is worth it.

Why would I want custom furniture?

Like your newly-designed home, a piece of custom furniture can reflect your unique style and personality, bring personal character into your space, and function the exact way you need it to function.

Upholstered furniture is similar to your wardrobe. The clothing you wear reflects your own identity — why shouldn’t your sofa? Fun fabrics can really create a powerful statement in a space, especially in rental units where you can’t alter the architecture.

Custom furniture also works wonders in terms of problem-solving. From filling up a larger space effectively and well, to just fitting into a tight one, custom furniture can be sized and scaled to your specific dimensions. Have a niche that would look great with some additional seating? Or want a sleek, midcentury sectional for entertaining your friends and family, but can’t find one that has enough seats? Designing your own piece bypasses all the hassle of hunting in stores and online, and exchanges it for the assurance that you’re getting furniture that is exactly what you want.

For example, in the image above, in this small space, everything needed to fit exactly right. If the couch was too long, the ladder to the loft above wouldn’t fit. If it was too deep, the fold-down bed wouldn’t lay flat. A custom couch solved those problems, but it didn't end there. The coffee table is also custom: its legs fold so that the whole table collapses down so that when the bed folds down, the coffee table hides underneath, out of the way. (If you'd like, check out more pictures of the Crow’s Nest Cottage.)

An additional benefit of custom pieces is their craftsmanship. In order to keep up with supply and demand, many furniture manufacturers produce pieces in large quantities. To keep production costs low, some manufacturers will use cheap materials in the construction of their pieces. Then, they mark up the retail prices, so that $3,000 sectional you just purchased that you think is high quality (because the price is) isn’t built to last. Custom pieces use high-quality construction methods and materials and can be surprisingly affordable, sometimes costing less than what you’d find at a well-known furniture store. They’re built to last and can be a wonderful heirloom piece to pass down through generations.

Why would I want custom wallpaper or art?

Another great way to add a personal touch to your home that no one else will have is to incorporate things like custom wallpaper or art. There are so many amazing local artists and resources here in Seattle and working with them to create a one-of-a-kind piece, or a personal variation that fits seamlessly into your space, is such a great way to not only support local creatives but also give you a home that is as individual as you are.

We can help you customize at a price point that makes sense for you!

Now, we know what you’re thinking… “Custom furniture and art is too expensive; only high-end furniture can be customized; I can’t afford it. And, there are too many things to consider when going custom.”

Well, that’s where we come in. There are numerous local furniture makers, and artisans that we work with that make custom pieces at a very reasonable and affordable price. We are here to help work with you to understand what you are looking for in a custom piece and make sure it reflects you, your family, and adds to the beautiful cohesive design you’ve already started with the rest of the team. That’s just one of the beauty and benefits of working with an interior designer.

Do you have more questions about the process, or how it would work for your project? Let us know!

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