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A wall-mount toilet in a grey-blue bathroom with a grey tile floor. There's a magazine holder built into the wall.

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The Pros and Cons of Different Types of Toilets

Toilet options are a frequently asked question around here. Where do you start with so many options on the market? Luckily, our office manager, Katie, was able to pick our interior designers’ brains about everything toilets so you can go into your bathroom remodel with the info you need to pick the option right for you.

October 15, 2020

We get more questions about toilets than you’d think. So, hey, let’s talk about toilets.

They aren’t the most glamorous thing in your home, but toilets play a big role in our day-to-day lives. I recently had a virtual sit-down with two of our interior designers, Hyrel and Abbas, to talk about toilets and other items for the bathroom you maybe haven’t given much thought to before.

Dual-Flush Toilets are Great… Sometimes

Dual-flush toilets are a great way to show your commitment to water conservation, but Abbas cautioned that you may want to put a low-flow toilet in places where you have guests, instead. Not everyone knows how to use dual-flush toilets properly and you may end up with people flushing twice and using far more water than if you had just installed a low-flow toilet.

Bidets are Making a Comeback

After the toilet paper shortage of 2020, I was personally curious about bidet options for the home. What was once a cost and space prohibitive luxury has now become something far more commonplace. Hyrel mentioned to me that you can even find a bidet toilet seat at large warehouse stores at a reasonable price. While it would be ideal to have an electrical outlet near the toilet to plug one into, you can also have an unheated version that will mean the water coming out will be brisk, but definitely will do the job.

Not only are bidets a great way to decrease or eliminate toilet paper usage, Abbas pointed out that they are a wonderful addition to a home where mobility issues are a concern.

Yes, You Can Have a Urinal in Your Home

Abbas and Hyrel brought up that some clients have inquired about installing urinals in their bathrooms. If you have space in your bathroom, you may want to explore installing a separate urinal. Some people find that their bathroom cleaning is cut down significantly by installing a urinal or two in their home.

Wall-Mounted Toilets Are Still Popular

Wall-mounted toilets have been around for a while and certainly can mean some space savings in a cramped bathroom. The other advantages of wall-mounted toilets are the ease of cleaning under and around them, and the height customization you can achieve. If you are a family who is on the taller side, you may find the height of standard toilets to be a bit low for your comfort and a wall-mounted toilet can be an elegant solution.

Where Interior Designers Spend Money in a Bathroom Remodel

If there is one thing that you are looking to spend money on in your bathroom, it isn’t the toilet. Hyrel and Abbas agreed that heated floors are the place that they would definitely put a little extra into. Under-cabinet lights and thermostatic controls also were mentioned, but both whole-heartedly came back to say, truly, heated floors would be their one luxury.

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